Temperature Management

Though temperature control can be difficult to master on charcoal grills, it’s absolutely essential. There are 2 main ways of managing temperature inside a standard charcoal cooker: by controlling the fire through stoking the coals or adding more fuel, and by adjusting airflow with control mechanisms

Ease of Cleaning

Speaking of your grill’s lifespan, proper cleaning is the key to any charcoal pit’s longevity. Charcoal ash left in the bottom of your grill will wreak havoc, especially if the ash is wet — at that point, it becomes high in alkalinity and literally eats away at the steel.


A few must-have charcoal grilling accessories regardless of brand: an ash tool for cleanup and stoking the coals, a charcoal chimney for easy ignition without the chemical taste of lighter fluid, and an electric charcoal starter like the Looftlighter for all the gadget guys out there.

Charcoal Grills